Share the Love


Join the movement by sharing the love with One Love Radio and all your friends. Show your support by posting your version of the One Love heart pose on Facebook and/or Instagram and Tag us to get your photos featured. It would be great to see all the different variations and backgrounds depending on where you are or what you're doing. As long as you're tuned in to One Love Radio, we don't care.

It's an easy pose to perfect but you will need some assistance to hold the camera as both your hands will be occupied. Just remember that you're trying to recreate the shape of a heart rather then a pomigranit like our friend Bronek here on the right. I'm sure you can do better than this guys... 

Check the image gallery for more examples taken from various nights out in London. You will notice that DJ Gatito is also finding it a bit of a struggle to produce the perfect shape. But I think you guys can do much better.

Remember, post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram (or both) and make sure you tag One Love Radio so we can see them too. Then we can share them on your behalf to help boost your own popularity.