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As you can see, the colours ‘red, gold and green’ are integral to the ‘One Love Radio’ logo and brand but since this is not a reggae radio station people tend to question why.



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OLDuffusOne Love Entertainments Ltd brings to you “One Love Radio” - an independent, online, radio broadcasting company based in London, UK. We are currently in our very early, developmental stages, so please bear with us as there will be a fair few imperfections to iron out along our journey to delivering the best possible musical platform for the Kizomba community. 

The station was primarily put together to provide the Kizomba community with a single
source of information for interesting news and updates about the Kizomba scene. And due to popular demand, this is likely to stretch to Europe and beyond in the not too distant future.

The concept of One Love Radio came from an ideal that Bob Marley spoke and sang about which was essentially about bringing people together. This was further solidified by Avelino Chandre, the legendary dancer and man of many talents from Cape Verde who often uses the famous phrase to address his fellow Kizomba comrades throughout the scene in Lisbon.

As you can see, the colours ‘red, gold and green’ are integral to the ‘One Love Radio’ logo, but people sometimes question, “Why?”. Comments are passed, such as, “Isn’t this about Bob Marley, Jamaicans, Rastafarians and Reggae music?”. Well my friends, the first thing to understand is that the colours of the Jamaican national flag are not red gold and green. In fact, these colours have nothing to do with Jamaica at all. They are only associated with Jamaica because Jamaicans, especially the Rastafarians, use these colours to identify themselves as descendants of Africa. What’s more, Jamaicans are known to be the most rebellious people in the Caribbean for reasons which are beyond the scope of this topic. This is why their African roots remain so prevalent and robust.

With the emergence of reggae music, and legends like Bob Marley, the association between the African colours and Jamaica strengthened. Misconception spread across the globe, and their intended symbolism of Africa was lost to many.

Red, gold and green are actually the colours of many African national flags. However, more interestingly, these are the colours of the Ethiopian flag, which is the only country in Africa to avoid being colonised by a European country (although the Italians tried and failed twice).

Not only do the colours represent the motherland, but they also represent a united nation of people, rich in many diverse cultures, and distributed far and wide around the world. With open and welcoming hearts, they are willing to share their culture in return for respect and appreciation. So, whenever you see these colours in the future, It is Africa and its cultural impact on the world should be brought to mind most prominently.

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